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Change of Heart

I have now decided im going to post, but not complain. There is plenty going on in my life that I want to look back on, and remember. My life is going in so many directions right now, its kinda crazy! I started working back at the theater b/c, bottom line I need money. It may just be temporary, but that is okay. I enjoy working in the box office, now where I am, ten times better than the stand. The only down side to this job is the gossip, which I always get an earful of.
It's okay though, b/c I have decided im not going to live in my shell anymore, and I'm going to get out there and be someone. SO here is what I have done:
1) started running, especially on nice days. And u know what, it is great, b/c " I have never been so alone, and I have never been so alive." I think I just decided im going to use a lot of music quotes in this journal entry b/c #1 I CAN and #2 music is single handily one of gods greatest creations.
2) I am starting to take more initiative in trying to get done with school by the end of the summer. This way I can take the fall off and hang out in Europe and Australia, and then go to grad school in Bolder, DC, Chicago, Seattle, or New York. That way I can really get involved in making a difference in this world, and meet new cool people that are all united for one cause. People that are happy you are there and a really ready to get out there and do something.
3) Im hopefully (figures crossed) going to get a job at Creative Alliance as an intern this summer. They are the top ad firm in Louisville, and with this experience, if I decide to go into this field later on in life, I can pretty much punch a ticket for the bigger ad firms in Chicago and New York.
4) I have stopped eating crap food, more specifically sweets... which I am so addicted too. I think I can really go without eating things like hamburgers and candy unless others give them to me.
5) I have told Sarah that I don't want her to speak to me again till she is willing to see me as something more than some kind of womanizer. When she is willing to do this, if she ever is, I'd really like to be good friends with her, and the rest of her friends as well, because they are all really nice + cool people. But, I don't know if I will ever hear a word from her again, but I think I have come to except whatever will happen with that. I hate to throw away 2 + years of dialogs with my best friend, but I refused to be seen as some kind of womenizer when I clearly am not. And I will not tolerate someone talking about me behind my back.
6) getting ready for my brothers wedding plus bachelor party plus finals all in the same week. Its gonna be chaos at the end of April, but I'm ready for it. BRING it on!

And you know what, I'm going to go out with my buddy Jeff tomorrow night to the Granville, and if I met a girl that seems really cool, Im not going to hesitate to go up to her and introduce myself. I'm done with being passive, I'm done with living in a box. To life, and to this coming year. I look forward to it, and all the obstacles that come with life.

"Yesterday is a wrinkle on your forehead, yesterday is a promise that you have broken. DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES, this is YOUR LIFE, and TODAY is all you ever got now! And TODAY is all you will EVER HAVE! DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES.... THIS YOUR LIFE!" :-)
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