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Coming this fall....

Europe Part Deux. In the making. If all goes as plan i hope to hit all of the places I haven't hit yet. Including:
Stockholm, Sweden
Copenhagen, Denmark
Valencia, Spain
Lake Como, Italy
Pisa, Italy
Prague, Czech Republic
Warsaw, Poland
Berlin, Germany
Geneva, Switzerland
Dublin, Ireland
Cannes, France

Returns to: Amsterdam, Munich, Rome, and Florence
Possibly: Dubrovnick, Sarajevo, Greece, Istanbul and some of east Europe if I can get scott aboard.

Its not a "IF" now, its a "WHERE" I am going. I played out all possible scenarios and I WILL NOT be in school this fall. Ill either be done by the end of the summer or in the spring.

SO that being said jeff, and I will be gone to Europe for 3 weeks and I will probably leave early to go with Jackie P. @ the end of August.

Get ready Europe, here I come, again.
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