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I said I'd write in this things when things were getting better, and they are.
Got my new car today! I like it a bunch. 1998 S70 with only 80K miles. Not bad, plus it has a custom security system with remote start. So on cold mornings, like tom. in which I have to wake up early, I can just start my car and warm it up from my window.
I still need to run back tom. however, as I found out when the freak storm came though tonight that one of my turn signal lights were loose and needs repair. Good thing I still have 60 days warranty where everything is covered.
Speaking of that storm, I went out with the Tues. Night crew tonight and when the freak storm hit the lights went out in Logan's where we ate and the sound was so freakish it sounded like a tornado was coming so me and roy proceeded to duck under the table. When we went out side a light pole had fell down and hit a  car in front of logans and another car was damaged from a sign that had fallen. And you could see all the way down shelbyville road signs had broken all over the place and fire trucks running everywhere. The Mcdonalds sign right off the watterson is all messed up and the big tin pin lanes sign and the babies r us signs looked like they where about to fall over. It is had to believe just wind could do that. I have a theory a mini tornado blew through the area.

But besides all that, I have my interview with the southwest conservation corps tom. and im really hoping I get this job! I need to get to bed or I would write more. I have an advising future tom. morning to discuss my future at UofL.
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