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Deep Thoughts...

"Who Knows Only His Own Generation Remains a Child" is a quote that is engraved in granite above the library at CU Boulder. I love this Quote.... it not only states the importance of understanding where things came from, but also the implications of your actions on further generations.

This day has been quite an experience for me. Truly a day of contemplation and thought as I have had nothing to do for 12 hours while waiting for my brothers flight to Colorado tonight. I chose the cheaper flight, saving me 100 dollars, however, I did not save sleep. I got maybe an hour, tops, sleep last night. Contemplating, what I would do today, which ended up being mostly contemplating. So I just contemplated contemplating.

So, I looked into grad school here. They have a Masters in Sustainability in business. The program looks really interesting and many people that graduated went on to develop start up companies that are developing a more sustainable future. I just have to get a good score on my GRE.

After doing that and wondering about CU's library for a while, I became a yearly donor and member of Environment Colorado, one of the jobs I was possibly interested in getting a job with. I think I made the right choice by applying for and taking the position with the southwest conservation corps instead. While I admire Environment Colorado 's work, the job mostly consist of trying to get people to donate money, and thats about it. I wouldnt mind doing that for a bit, but id rather get someone involved in something and not have to beg for there money. Which reminds me, I guess I didn't mention that I got my job in Durango, and they liked my interview so much they wanted to hire me on as a crew leader. While I gladly would have taken the position, I don't know when I'm going to have to go back to UofL to take my last class, so unfortunately I had to turn down the leadership position and just stick with the crew member job. The Crew Leader position was an intensive 6 month commitment. With my job I will only be thee 8 weeks, and I have the opportunity to go skiing Telluride and Purgatory!

Then finally, after receiving a rose randomly on the street from a girl, that put a smile on my face, I ended up in a local coffee house drinking and exquisite cup of fair trade, low cost, chai latte and listening to Johnny Cash. Sitting staring at this rose makes me realize, there are so many simple joys in life, and dwelling on things that are beyond my control for happiness is silly. I fall into the trap way too easy. Here is to me being stronger!

So, as my little adventure winds to an end, I will hop on the local bus and take the hour and a half drive back to the airport to meet my brother, with my rose in I think I will keep the trend going and hand the rose off to a beautiful girl ( way too many on the streets of boulder) and maybe the trend will continue. I like this Idea. I like Boulder.... its chill, I have no comforts, yet I'm satisfied. I just need to start meeting people here in life will be good.
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