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Self Actualization

Reflections: the best way I know how to present them. Here are 3 photos and metaphors that sum up my thoughts right now:

Reflections of the past. An adventure in a far away land with a dear friend. A culture in contrast to mine, yet so similar and modest I seek. A thorough understanding of the world I grew up knowing so little about. How complex the sun sets as life progresses

So colorful, and so vast. So free my heart, so deep my sol. How much I yearn for these beautiful skys and fresh air. My mind is summed up in this picture many days. Wondering in the vast space of the outside openness, pondering of the wonderful times I have had in my life. Thankful of everything I have, an anxiously awaiting the time in the near future when I will return back in your presents.

Spectacular triumph with bountiful rewards. Not letting setbacks in life deter me from accomplishing happiness and prosperity in life. Basking in the moment, that will set in my mind till the day I rest in peace.

And who can forget the music to go along with it:

A tribute of thanks to many of good I have received in life. Thanks for whoever created this all. Words can't describe the gratitude and joy it gives me.
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