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Thoughts and deductive logic reasoning on the evolution of Homo sapiens and the existence of god

So I have currently made it a major priority in my life to prove or disprove what I believe about god using sound indisputable logic. These are the things I have put together in the start of my research:
The Age of the Earth: Approx 3,800,000,000 to 3,900,000,000 based on rock finding on earth. The earth could actually be older but these are the oldest artifacts we have found.
The oldest homo sapiens bones found: 160,000 years old.
That means we only have proof of 1/23,750 of homo sapiens existence.
We have use some deductive reasoning to figure out that homo sapiens did exist much longer than that but we have no visual proof.
So is 3,799,840,000 years enough time for a the entire earth to evolve from the same thing?
This is what I need to know to prove human evolution. I still have a bunch more to learn.

Then there is the existence of the universe and when it evolved. Which is even a more complex idea. What I ponder is the connection between our world and existing universes. Because, in theory, if macro evolution occurs then a new galaxy should, in theory, have some type of planet out there that can support human existence like our own given the correct elements. There is just so many questions I have and we don't have the answers for all of them. But hopefully with some more information I can back up my logic. I have a hard time believing we are the only intelligent life in the universe.

But at the end of the day, even if the big bang did or did not occur human beings will never be able to prove if a god created it or not. Furthermore we will never know if that god interacts with us spiritually or mystically on earth or not. The only proof that we may have is of the speakings of Jesus Christ the only religious profit to claim to be the son of god. There just seems to be so many flaws in the bible...sepcifically in means to the old testament which god apparently affirmed to be truths. So this challenges this makes me question the whole idea of gods divinity.

I look at the world currently in the eyes that there was a creator god... and I have not concluded whether or there is a personal god. I just cant fathom the idea as I sit in this quaint little coffee shop in Durango that everything i see and interact with is all by chance... i think at the least it had to be put in play by a higher power. The mountains tell me that story i believe.

So Im doing a lot of research on the subject and have a long way to go to say the least. Im starting to read so book about the issues i ponder during some of my free time out on my hitches.

Im done for now...but ill be back in 2 weeks with some more ideas hopefully. The more ideas i hear from people and read in book the more informed i am becoming.
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